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Astraea logo Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice

Astraea is a dynamic global foundation providing critically needed financial support to lesbian-led, trans, LGBTI and progressive organizations. Separated by continents, language and culture, Astraea grantees are seizing opportunities, and laying the groundwork necessary for women and LGBTI people to claim their human rights. Astraea staff, board, members and grantees all share a deep commitment to feminist principles, racial and economic justice and human rights.

116 East 16th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10003
P: 1.212.529.8021    F: 1.212.982.3321
info@astraeafoundation.org | http://www.astraeafoundation.org/

CAAAS logo   John L. Warfield Center for African & African American Studies

Since its inception at the University of Texas at Austin in 1969, the John L. Warfield Center for African & African American Studies (until May 2008 formerly known as the Center for African and African American Studies) has been a focal point for campus and community life around the cultural, sociopolitical, economic, and historical experiences of African and their descendants.

In collaboration with other University departments, centers, and schools, the Center seeks to establish an activist intellectual community that considers the processes of race, gender, culture, and power operating within and upon Black communities.

Faculty and students affiliated with the Center engage in research and coursework in four principal areas: African and Africans, The African Diaspora, Blacks in the U.S., and Expressive Culture. Operating at the flagship institution of higher education in the capital of Texas, the Center brings together a wealth of graduate and undergraduate course offerings, cultural and intellectual programming, library resources, research fellowships, and conferences to create a strong foundation in African and African American Studies.

Algo logo

Allgo works toward its vision through cultural arts, health and advocacy programming by: supporting artists and artistic expression within our diverse communities; promoting health within a wellness model; and mobilizing and building coalitions among groups marginalized by race/ethnicity, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation/sexual identity to enact change.

Allgo works to create and sustain a statewide network of queer people of color activists, groups, organizations and allies, which through nourishment of relationships, grassroots organizing and artistic expression can radically transform systems and policies toward a collective liberation.

IFBP logo

The International Federation of Black Prides is a coalition of Black Pride organizers formed to promote a multinational network of LGBT/SGL (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Same Gender Loving) Prides and community-based organizations.

Law Firm of Francés Jones, P.C.
“a select company where soul matters™”

Attorney Francés Jones is licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Texas, with principal offices in Austin, TX. Attorney Jones has over 20 years of domestic and international experience working with major Wall Street firms and international entertainment and media companies. The law firm handles entertainment & arts, media, copyright, trademark, advertising, technology, corporate, business, non-profits, environmental and international.

Contact fjonesesq@francesjoneslaw.com.

Soul Matters™ Media Group, International

Soul MattersTM Media Group International provides production, distribution, and marketing for digital media, music, film, arts, literary publishing, theater and special events.

Contact fjonesesq@soulmattersmedia.com.

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